The Firm,

2050AP established in 2010 as a multi disciplines practice of Desire, Experience, and Life on Planning, Architecture, and Interior Design. The firm’s founder, Tuan Nguyen and collaborative partners are matured architects/designers with international experiences from the USA and throughout Asia. They came together to pursuit sustainable modern designs that is authentic to the life in tropical climate of SouthEast Asia. The office is structured that each partner would contribute their strength in design, management and technical details to a fruitfull outcome of the project. That ultimately demonstrate the notion we care about the people who use it, the city it takes part in making. The profession that has direct role in making the cities of the future and the clients who give us the means to build the dreams.

The Design,

Our designs strive for an architecture expression that brings out the serene tranquil quality, natural, permanent, light, sensual and lush as it is distilled in a primedieval forest. We use extensive analysis to understand the nuance settings of the clients vision, the social economic drives, the natural and cultural settings to formulate a coherent vision that celebrate the essence beauty of the place, and bridge us to the generations beyond. Our space is grounded by clarity composed structure order, use of material, integrate natural light, and weaving exterior gardens into interiors to mark a human presence by an expression of architecture.

The Services,

We aims at high standard professional consulting as one of our greatest distinctions the ability to build successful project teams. We always will dedicate to all projects a team of individuals who will remain involved throughout the course of this project, with hands on design work from the principal on all phases of design and contruction from start to finish.  This method of team-building allows each team member to have an in-depth understanding of the project, and strengthens the communication and relationships between the Client and Consultant Teams.







Mixed Use


Casino / Integrated Resort

Air Cargo Complex